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CityVille Fast Start Guide – How To Level Up Fast In CityVille?

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CityVille Fast Start Guide - How To Level Up Fast In CityVille?

Starting to play CityVille on Facebook? Well how frustrating is it when you have so much potential in the game, yet all your neighbours are so slow? If you want to level up fast in CityVille, then you will need some tips and strategies that will catapult your way to the top.

In fact there are so many extra things that you can do that will help to level up fast in CityVille.

When I first started with CityVille, I realised that I had no idea on how to progress in the game. My idea was to build a farm close to my friend’s farm. I thought that doing this would be all right, but as I later found out, you can have so much more if you are within walking distance of your neighbours.

So that is when I discovered the quickest way to get to the maximum level in the CityVille.

Here is what you need to do.

Build a metanoid tower. You need 4 neighbours and you can have 1 metanoid tower for every 4 neighbours that you have. So when you have 40 neighbours, you need to buy 4 towers.

Then lets start building some houses. So far the only way to get houses near your tower is to have 3 neighbours and one of them can be gifted a house by you. 4 is the magic number to have a tower.

We have already mentioned probably why you need 4 neighbours. It is hard to move up with only a couple of hundred friends or so. And getting a house near your neighbours Tower is the next best thing to getting coins near your neighbours Tower.

So how do you move up from one level to the next in CityVille?

The way to move up levels with XP is by doing work. Each level has something called “Rep Warp” and completing a job pays you tiles to use in the next level. The amount of tiles you get depends on how much your job reward is.

There are 4 levels after the Welcome Saga and all of them have something in common. By finishing a job you get a minimum amount of XP. And because the amount of XP Probability is dependent on the level you are on, you can use these amounts to help with your Tower purchase, and XP reset the Probability of getting that TTDT (Tier 4) building.


The special total amount is the amount of XP you get every single level for your buildings. And because the houses and towers are built on a weekly basis, and not daily, you can expect to get your building(s) another 50-100XP sooner or later.

So, here is what you need to do. Start building your metanoid tower and filling up the energy. You will need as many energy points as your energy allows. And you will also need to keep some free energy ready just in case you need to use it.

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You can also use the energy packs that are given by your neighbours. The energy packs refill your energy to the maximum amounts and they are effective but they come in small sizes. If you do not have much energy left then using the energy packs won’t be very effective.

You also get energy packs based on your reputation. Try to get reputation items or stands from your neighbours. The looks of the items is not important for the purpose of the energy packs, what is important are the boosts in energy that you get. You will probably get around 5 to 10 XP for each boosting of energy.

As you advance, you will also get more efficient energy packs. This means that you will burn out less energy supplies to get the same beneficial energy replenishment.

As a little puzzle game, there are alsoIndoor Energy Gameswhich are a lot of fun. You are given a target energy level and you must complete it. Someone on the CityVille forums once told me about this secret. You can use the Backup Energy feature which is a lot smarter. To use this feature, you will click the yellow energy pool when you are out of energy and the amount of energy you have will be restored to the original amount.

OneNightBeastis another very interesting game. You are given a farm and a set number of Farmville dollars. You must plant a certain number of Farmville dollars into the market. If you do not harvest them within the time limit, they will die. You win the game if you manage to increase your farm to the target amount.

I am sure you will have a great time playing the game. When you have neighbors and you are able to expand your farm, I’m sure you will do the same. Have fun!