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Press Release - October 13, 2014


I-LAW joins with mayors and civic leaders to sponsor public education tour to promote message that "Good Judges Matter" and to urge everyone not to skip judicial elections on ballot

(Marion, IL) - llinois' lawsuit climate is the fifth worst in the country and Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch (I-LAW), a grassroots, non-partisan legal watchdog group, is joining with mayors and community leaders this week for a statewide public education tour to promote "Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week" and this year's theme of "Good Judges Matter."

Dozens of mayors across Illinois have issued official proclamations declaring the first week of October "Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week" and are joining with I-LAW to encourage voters to become educated about the positions, backgrounds and backers of judicial candidates on the ballot this Fall. I-LAW will also be driving a "Good Judges Matter" billboard truck across the state and will distribute "Good Judges Matter" voter education guides in front of courthouses.

"The Illinois economy continues to suffer from our state's costly reputation for unfair courts and jackpot justice," explained Travis Akin, Executive Director of I-LAW, "but the judges and judicial candidates on the ballot this November can play a big role in restoring fairness to our courts, which will in turn create jobs here."

"Too many judges have allowed the personal injury lawyers to turn our courts into their own personally profitable playground," continued Akin. "Good judges matter, and during 'Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week', we are calling on voters to ask judicial candidates if they will stand up to the personal injury lawyers and restore fairness to our courts."

Statistically, Illinois' civil justice system was ranked 5th worst in the country in a report from the Harris Interactive research company, while the American Economic Development Institute issued a report last month that gave Illinois an "F" grade for our state's litigation climate. Madison and St. Clair counties were named to the list of "Top 5 Worst Judicial Hellholes in America" in the latest report from the American Tort Reform Association.

With Election Day rapidly approaching, and with so much attention focused on the presidential and congressional races at the top of the ballot, I-LAW is urging people not to skip the oft overlooked but vitally important judicial races at the end of the ballot.

"Electing good judges who apply doctrines of common sense and fairness will help Illinois shed its image as a 'lawsuit magnet' and 'personal injury lawyer's paradise,'" Akin said. "In these difficult economic times, Illinois needs jobs - not more lawsuits."

For more information about "Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week" and the "Good Judges Matter" initiative, visit

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