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-- October 5, 2015 -
I-Law And Metro-East Supporters Join Together To Throw The Yellow Penalty Flag On "Unsportsmanlike Judicial Conduct" Read more.

-- September 10, 2015 -
New Report Ranks Illinois Third-Worst State In The Country For Legal Fairness And Lawsuit Abuse. Read more.

-- September 1, 2015 -
I-LAW and Madison County Board Members call on local legislators to support meaningful lawsuit reforms to shed region's reputation as a 'lawsuit magnet'. Read more.

-- August 10, 2015 -
Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch Statement On 300 Asbestos Cases On Trial Today In Madison County. Read more.

-- February 9, 2015 -
I-Law: Gov. Rauner's Prescription Of Lawsuit Reform What Illinois's Ailing Economy Need. Governor Bruce Rauner's call for reasonable lawsuit reforms in his State of the State address is a significant step forward in bringing Illinois' economy back, according to Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch (I-LAW), a grassroots, non-partisan legal watchdog group.Read more.

-- December 16, 2014 -
Illinois One Of The Nation's Worst "Judicial Hellholes" According To New National Report. I-LAW: Illinois is a magnet for personal injury lawyers and frivolous lawsuits filed by out-of-state plaintiffs; new legislation pushed through in veto session as gift to trial lawyers will make Illinois even friendlier to junk lawsuits and less friendly to job creation. Read more.

-- October 13, 2014 -
Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week" Events Focus On The Importance Of Judicial Elections And How Judges Can Restore Fairness To Illinois Courts And Create Jobs.
I-LAW joins with mayors and civic leaders to sponsor public education tour to promote message that "Good Judges Matter" and to urge everyone not to skip judicial elections on ballot. Read more.

-- December 17, 2013 -
Illinois Named One Of The Nation's Worst "Judicial Hellholes" According To New National Report.
I-LAW says notoriously unfair legal climate in Illinois has turned the "Land of Lincoln" into the "Land of Lawsuits" and is costing the state badly needed jobs. Read more.

-- October 8, 2013 -
"Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week" Tour Stops In Metro-East To Spread Message That "Stopping Lawsuit Abuse Starts With You".
At event outside Madison and St. Clair county courthouses, I-LAW distributes legal consumer guides and encourages people to serve on juries. Read more.

-- March 25, 2013 -
Legal Watchdog Group Joins With Rockford Leaders For "Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits" Forum.
Forum focuses on how Rockford is losing jobs to Wisconsin, which recently enacted meaningful lawsuit reforms as a way to keep jobs in-state and attract jobs from Illinois. Read more.

-- December 13, 2012 -
Illinois Continues To Be A Magnet For Lawsuit Abuse According To Newly Released "Judicial Hellholes" Report
I-LAW: Illinois' status as the "Lawsuit Abuse Capital of the Midwest" means jobs are being lost to neighboring states that are passing reforms to make their courts fairer. Read more.

-- August 21, 2012 -
New Poll Shows Majority Of Voters Think Litigation Hurts Economy And Are More Likely To Support Pro-Lawsuit Reform Candidates.
I-LAW says poll reinforces the need for Illinois voters to find out where candidates stand on lawsuit reform. Read more.

-- July 17, 2012 -
Latest Campaign Finance Report Shows Huge Sums Of Personal Injury Lawyer Money Continues To Flow Into Judy Cates' Campaign For Fifth District Appellate Court.
I-LAW says voters will question whether Cates can stand up to her fellow personal injury lawyers who have helped turn the Metro-East into a nationally-ranked "Judicial Hellhole". Read more.

-- May 1, 2012 -
Legal Watchdog Group And Local Leaders Join Together To Host "Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits" Public Forum.
Mayors, school officials and small business owners will discuss the high costs of living in a state ranked as the "Lawsuit Abuse Capital of the Midwest" and will propose ways to reduce frivolous litigation and create more jobs in southern Illinois. Read more.

-- September 13, 2011 -
I-Law Study Finds Metro-East Governments Spent Millions Dealing With Lawsuits In 2010, Forcing Layoffs And Budget Cuts.
I-LAW says the $3.1 million spent by Madison and St. Clair County governments on lawsuit expenses in 2010 busts budgets and drains money away from schools, police and road repairs. Read more.

-- July 28, 2011 -
I-LAW Study urges Chicago officials to fight litigation rather than settle lawsuits that cost taxpayers millions. Read more.

-- March 8, 2011 -
I-LAW urges state lawmakers to approve meaningful legal reforms.
(Marion) - Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch today called on the Illinois Legislature to enact meaningful lawsuit reforms as a means of creating new jobs and opportunities in Illinois and retaining existing jobs. Read more.

-- December 14, 2010 -
New report ranks cook county the nation's Fifth-worst "judicial hellhole"
I-LAW says new report confirms Cook County's costly status as the "Lawsuit Tax Capital of the U.S."; National report cites I-LAW study showing Cook County government is a $54 million lawsuit magnet. Read more.

-- March 22, 2010 -
New Harris Study Ranks Cook County The Worst Local Jurisdiction In The Country For Legal Fairness
I-LAW says Cook County's poor legal climate is driving jobs and opportunities to other states. Read more.

In the News

-- Citizens Group Calls for Voter Attention to Judicial Elections

-- "Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Awarenesss Week" Proclamation Signed by Mayor Daughtery

-- Mayor Signs Lawsuit Abuse Proclamation

-- Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week Recognized in West Frankfort

-- October 2011 - I-LAW Executive Director Travis Akin and State Senator Sam McCann (R-Carlinville) talk about "Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week" with the Jacksonville Courier.

-- September 2011 - Watch I-LAW Executive Director Travis Akin being interviewed on Fox 2 in St. Louis.

-- July 2011 - This just in: Another lawsuit-friendly Illinois county - The op-ed by Travis Akin.

-- May 2011 - Listen to I-LAW Director Travis Akinís recent interview on WBGZ AM 1570 in Alton.

-- May 2011 - Read latest letter from I-LAW in the Chicago Tribune.

-- May 2011 - I-LAW Director Travis Akin explains why he is not surprised to see politicians choose lawsuits over common sense in the battle to save Cairo from flood waters.

-- March 2011 - I-LAW Director Travis Akin and State Rep. Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) met with the media Friday to discuss the need for legal reforms in Illinois.

-- March 2011 - Listen to Travis Akin and Rep. Jil Tracy on the Mary Griffith show on WTAD AM 930 in Quincy.

-- March 2011 - I-LAW Executive Director and Rep. Jil Tracy (R-Mt. Sterling) met with KHQA (Quincy) TV 7 reporter on Monday.

-- March 2011 - I-LAW Director Travis Akin and Rep. Jil Tracy (R-Mt. Sterling) met with a reporter from the Quincy Herald Whig.

-- Travis Akinís recent letter in the Chicago Tribune.

-- Travis Akinís recent letter to the editor in the Bloomington Pantagraph.

-- Travis Akinís recent letter to the editor in the State Journal Register.

-- Travis Akinís recent letter to the editor in the Belleville News Democrat.

-- Travis Akinís recent letter to the editor in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

-- November 2010 - I-LAW's report on the impact of litigation in Cook County.

-- October 7, 2010 - Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch has released a comprehensive examination of the amount of money Cook County government spends on litigation expenses, including settlements and verdicts. Read the full report.

-- February 9, 2010 - I-LAW Executive Director Travis Akin talk about the Illinois Supreme Court's decision to strike down the state's medical malpractice reform law. View here.

-- April 27, 2009 - Letter to the Editor, Malpractice limits Read more.

-- February 10, 2009 - Travis Akin's appearance on WMBD am 1470 in Peoria Listen here.

-- November 19, 2008 - Illinois justices consider constitutionality of medical malpractice caps, Legal Newsline
Calling the reform law a "stabilizing force" to keep doctors in the state and malpractice premiums in check, Travis Akin, executive director of Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch, said patients would ultimately be the ones to suffer if the reform law is overturnedÖ"If the law is struck down we'll be well on our way back to the way things were before the law passed," when physicians were fleeing the state, Akin said in an interview from his office in Marion, Ill. Read more.

-- November 14, 2008 - Illinois needs legal reform
The 2008 election is in the books and for the most part last Tuesday was a fairly good day for incumbents because the balance of power in both the Illinois House and Senate did not change. Read more.

-- November 9, 2008 - Letters to the Editor - The State Journal-Register

The 2008 election is in the books and for the most part last Tuesday was a fairly good day for incumbents because the balance of power in both the Illinois House and Senate did not change. Read more.

-- November 6, 2008 - Battling lawsuit abuse

During the month of October, Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch sets aside a week dedicated to creating public awareness about the very serious issue of lawsuit abuse in Illinois. Read more.

-- October 2008 - Tracy wants to stop practice of 'shopping' for court venues

State Rep. Jil Tracy wants to rein in what she sees as lawsuit abuse in Illinois.

Tracy, an attorney, has drafted legislation that would end the practice of "shopping" for court venues where jury awards are extraordinarily large. So far, Tracy's bill has been bottled up in an Illinois House committee. Read more.

-- October 10, 2008 - $825: The cost to each person of lawsuit abuse Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch traveling state to spread its message
Lawsuit abuse costs a family of four $3,300 per year, according to Travis Akin of Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch. Read more.

-- October 09, 2008 - Lawsuit abuse week
Palatine Mayor Rita Mullins declared Oct. 6 to Oct. 10 Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week in Palatine. Read more.

-- October 06, 2008 - I-LAW observes 'lawsuit abuse' week Oct.6-10
Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch (I-LAW) is encouraging citizens to stay informed and get involved in the fight to change the state's legal climate. Read more.

-- September 02, 2008 - St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Legal reform would help Illinois' economy
By Travis Akin, Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch Executive Director
In 2005, Illinois was faced with a growing medical malpractice crisis and, after endless hearings and town meetings, lawmakers finally responded by approving a comprehensive reform law to attract new doctors and keep existing ones here in Illinois. Read more.

Photo Gallery

West Frankfort Mayor Marion Presley signs a proclamation recognizing the week of Oct. 6-10 as Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week. Pictured from left to right are I-LAW executive director Travis Akin and Mayor Presley.

Mt. Vernon Mayor Mary Jane Chesley signs a proclamation recognizing the week of Oct. 6-10 as Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week. Pictured from left to right are Mayor Chesley and I-LAW executive director Travis Akin.

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