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Contact Your Elected Officials

Communicating with elected representatives is one of the most important ways for citizens to express their concerns and views on an issue. Elected officials often take correspondence from their constituents into account when making decisions on policies.

Whether you write a letter, send an email or fax, or make a phone call, your voice can make a difference. Several suggestions follow:

  • Tell your representatives that you're tired of Illinois's reputation as the "Lawsuit Abuse Capitol of the World" and you want them to take action.

  • Give a personal example of how lawsuit abuse has affected your life or Illinois in general - such as hurting workers and their families, costing taxpayers money, and making our state a laughingstock of the nation.

Learn more about lawsuit abuse.

Find Your Elected Officials

Visit and enter your zip code to identify your state and national elected officials.

Tips for Contacting Your Elected Officials

Find out more about how to communicate with your elected officials by clicking on the following links.

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