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The following lawsuits have been filed recently in various court jurisdictions throughout the nation.

Lawsuit Hungry Inmates

Vermont's prison inmates aren't satisfied by the taste of their food, and they've taken their case all the way to the state's Supreme Court. In a class action lawsuit, the insatiable inmates allege that poor-tasting prison food constitutes unfair punishment. Vermont Corrections Commissioner Rob Hofmann said the food found in Vermont's prisons is "commonplace in other states as a way of providing nutrition in a mechanism that dissuades inmates from throwing feces, urine, trays and silverware."

Another Prisoner Plaintiff

A Texas inmate is suing a prison doctor, alleging that a high blood pressure drug he was prescribed "took away the strength from (his) heart muscles" causing him to have a heart attack. He is seeking unspecified damages for pain and suffering.

Lap Dance Lawsuit

A New York securities trader is suing a Manhattan strip joint for "serious injuries" he sustained during a lap dance. The man, who is married, alleges that a stripper employed by the Hot Lap Dance Club near Madison Square Garden swiveled and smacked him in the eye with the heel of her shoe during an early morning performance last November.

Suing from the Grave

A federal judge in Connecticut is allowing two Air National Guard pilots to sue the Air Force after being forced to resign nine years ago for refusing to be vaccinated against anthrax. The catch? One of the pilots died in 2005. He is represented by the executor of his estate and seeks compensation for back pay and lost promotions that he never received.

Compulsive Casino Claims

After losing her apartment, law practice, and her parent's home, a Minnesota lawyer and TV commentator filed a $20 million racketeering lawsuit against six Atlantic City casinos and one in Las Vegas. Filed in federal court, her complaint alleges that the casinos should have noticed her out-of-control gambling habit and cut her off. The woman owes the IRS $58,000.

Cheating the Cap

Lawyers in Nevada preparing a massive medical malpractice class-action case against the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada have hit a roadblock: the state's $350,000 cap for emotional pain and suffering in medical malpractice lawsuits. Seeking damages that exceed $350,000 for each of their patients, the lawyers may file extraneous claims unrelated to medical malpractice to circumvent the cap.

Not Sick? Sue Anyway!

A West Virginia judge is requiring chemical company DuPont to pay $130 million to monitor the health of residents living near the site of a demolished zinc melting plant, even though they haven't demonstrated any adverse health effects. The $130 million verdict is in addition to $55 million DuPont paid to clean-up the site and $190 in punitive damages.

Glen or Glenda?

An inmate in a Massachusetts prison is suing the Department of Corrections to try to get a sex change operation. The male prisoner was convicted of killing his wife in 1990. In 1993, he legally changed his name and has been living as a woman in an all-male prison. Department of Corrections officials oppose the operation because they say the prisoner will become a target for sexual assault by the other prisoners.

Shawshank Sham

A two-time prison escape artist is suing the sheriff of Pueblo County, Colorado, after he injured himself using a rope made out of bed sheets to rappel down the 85-foot walls of a jail in which he was locked. The lawsuit seeks $64,000 in damages to pay for medical expenses, claiming it was too easy to escape. He says he warned officials that "there were many ways to get out of the facility" when he escaped two years earlier.

Outdated Audi Owner Outrage

A West Virginia man is suing Audi and OnStar for upgrading technological features in new car models. The man says his car is now "useless" without a functioning OnStar in-car communication and security system. He seeks compensatory and punitive damages, as well as declaratory and injunctive relief.

Don't do Drugs

A crystal methamphetamine addict filed a lawsuit against her drug dealer after her habit resulted in a heart attack and an eleven-day coma. She sued the dealer for negligence in a Canadian court, noting she hoped her case would inspire others to sue drug dealers. "I think it's a different way to hit drug dealers financially and that's where it will really hurt them," she said.

Lawsuit Lunacy in Illinois

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