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Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch (I-LAW) is a grassroots, legal watchdog group dedicated to educating the public about the negative effects of lawsuit abuse and its costs to Illinois workers, consumers, taxpayers and small businesses.

I-LAW's goal is to help restore balance, fairness and common sense to our civil justice system by shining a light on special influences and imbalances in some Illinois courtrooms. We are fighting lawsuit abuse to reduce the number of junk lawsuits in our courts to give individuals with legitimate claims better access to our court system. Illinois courts have been turned into a dumping ground for junk lawsuits filed by some greedy personal injury lawyers who look to strike it rich playing the "lawsuit lottery." Lawsuit abuse is costing everyone in Illinois - hurting workers and their families, costing taxpayers' money, and making our state a laughingstock of the nation.

Illinois is ranked #46 in the country for legal fairness. The state's largest county, Cook County, is the third-worst judicial hellhole in the nation. In addition, Illinois is ranked 47th in the country for tort costs and 46th in the nation for tort laws. Clearly the need to improve Illinois' legal climate is real, and yet lawmakers continue to fail to enact meaningful lawsuit reforms.

I-LAW with the help of the organization's more than 10,000 supporters across Illinois, including community leaders, concerned citizens, small business people, health care professionals and educators will continue to sound the alarm about this important issue.

To get involved, call 866-866-ILAW (4529) today or send an e-mail to takin@illawsuitabusewatch today.

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